Ale Paul meets Tomás García by Author's Bay

Tomas' approach on the reveal of Rolling Pen is inspired on the enlightenment given by neon lights in the dark, through the power of words.

The neon lights were originally created to conceptually narrate over darkness. That's why the collection has been coined "Underlight"; a way to represent light in neon form as the underliner of something important through light.

To embody this, he selected different words that enforce the eternal misbalance between darkness and lights, and that serve as a metaphor to narrate and reinforce the Concept.

Fire, Breast, Silence, Forget, & Happiness
Fire as energy, Breasts as diversity in birth, Silence as in the silent individual, Forget as evolution given by forgetfulness and Happiness, not as a goal, or achievement, but as a result of our lives, where light or dark don't particularly prevail.

Underlight is a poetry inspired by the battle between light and dark, struggling to generate a Concept.
Typeface: Rolling Pen by Ale Paul
Director: Tomás García
Executive Producers: Fernando Sarmiento & Tomás García.
Render & Animation: Martin Dasnoy @ PepperMelon
Music: Doppelgänger by Treeless Forest 

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