We are proud to present "La Taquería", the new typeface collaboration between Carolina Marando and Ale Paul published at Sudtipos.

Mexico’s storied culture is one of the most recognizable today. Its amazing vibrant art and delicious foods have made the leap to influence many parts of the world in recent years. This proud, intense and diverse identity was the inspiration behind La Taquería, a set of four fonts that express different characteristics of Mexican pop culture. The heavy and spicy, the light and gentle, the constant dynamism, all come together with one rhythm to produce an explosion of personality.

Just like its predecessors Distillery and Scrapbooker, the La Taquería set contains down-to-earth alphabets perfect for chalkboard art and handmade design. All the fonts include alternates and ligatures, providing plenty of variation for that spontaneous appearance everyone is looking for these days.

Get La Taquería set of fonts here:

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