«Proprietor», a type family
made by hand and full of style.

The great value of something crafted thoroughly by hand has been observed for years by Guille Vizzari throughout a wide spectrum of clients and projects developed at Yani & Guille —the studio he runs cheek by jowl with Yani Arabena—, and they both noticed that recently it has been taking on a new meaning. From barbers at their shops, to a barista that passionately prepares coffee every morning, or a bartender that deeply enjoys diving towards unknown ingredients, and even Guille’s admiration for sign painters worldwide that keep spreading their passion for the perfectly constructed letter.

This wide trades universe, where craftsmanship represents a huge difference, is where Proprietor lives, and it’s the reason why it exists.

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Proprietor was born in a Moleskine notebook —just pencil, paper and ink— as a tribute to those crafts, and to regain the art behind Type Design that involves the fusion between tools, materials and the action of the hand.

Fed by these principles, every single glyph within the whole «Proprietor» Family has been fully designed and illustrated by hand by its author (including all the ornaments, frames and crafts icons that can be seen along this specimen), showcasing Vizzari’s solid formation in the drawing field.

Proprietor can be described as a compact type family system illustrated by hand, intended and designed to be able to create solid —but beautifully ornamented— paragraphs, and elaborate compositions. 

For this purpose, «Proprietor Roman» and «Proprietor Open» display a notorious x-height which goes perfectly with plenty of ornaments that unfold along the ascenders and descenders, but always containing its swashes inside the text line.

The icing on the cake, «Proprietor Script», a copperplate-based font unbelievably flooded with ornamented capitals, flourishes and endings to break through the coarse feeling of the Proprietor non-script sets, with a huge load of delicate and warm letterforms.

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«Proprietor Wide» and «Proprietor Wide Open» hand a complete font set to complement the family for composing extended words in uppercase, matching in style and adding a striking personality.

And as being part of Sudtipos’ catalogue Proprietor comes packed with full Open Type support —thanks to Ale Paul, fearless to tame this hand-drawn beast, supported by his vast knowledge in programming and optimization—.

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7 imperfectly elegant and completely handmade fonts join the Proprietor system, bringing life to designs that are meant to represent the spirit of the genuine and skilled craftsmen, showing respect for their trade, and at the same time being part of it.

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