Horizontes Script is my latest collaboration with the young and talented Panco Sassano for the argentinian type foundry Sudtipos.
About the project.
Horizontes Script is the result of Panco’s personal experimental calligraphy project.
Designed with the goal of finding a balance between spontaneity, elegance and beauty, his first typography was born and inspired on the horizon´s blue line from the city he was born.
Relaxed, energic and very natural. With different alternatives of proportion, a wide range of ligatures, initial letters, terminals, floritures, Horizontes Script comes in two weight for large and small formats.
Horizontes Script results in an ideal font for titles and short texts that find something else to show more than just words.
A casual and harmonious font with strong personality. Great for projects that need to connote class and style without being too formal.
Ideal for design that need to transmit warmth and humanity feel to be applied on invitations, labels, poetry, songs or thoughts.
Created by Panco Sassano, under the supervision and production of the experienced typographer Ale Paul – in a duo work - Horizontes Script is the latest typeface by Sudtipos.
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For more info
Visit Sudtipos.
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