:: About Tropical ::

The single-named, multi-talented designer Joluvian currently lives in Madrid, but he grew up in the “Caribe” of Venezuela; where thick jungles meet endless beaches, and fecund trees bear juicy fruit – a tropical paradise where music and dance vibrate throughout the humid air.

The Tropical pack, designed by Joluvian and digitized by Ale Paul, echoes the spirit of the "Caribe" and Joluvians' birthplace. Its three faces are casually stylish – a bold, wet-looking display script, an inky, textured brush script, and hand-penned capitals with a felt-tip look.

Like a fruit cocktail, each ingredient is tasty on its own, but when combined are even more delicious. Sprinkle the included catchwords, shapes and bursts into your layout for the ultimate Caribbean vibe. Each face includes alternates and support for multiple Latin languages.

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