appalachia + AGI + automattic

A few months ago I was surprise to receive an invitation by my admired John Maeda and the people of Automattic to be part of this project that links some Alliance Graphique Members (AGI) with high school students. From the many options to choose I selected "Code" then I created the image for the homepage of

After many ideas I started to explore a few typographic illustrations, to combine them and create the poster, which some of them are being represented here.

About the project.

Building upon the ethos of WordPress — the open and collaborative technology platform co-founded in 2003 by Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg at the age of 19 — Alliance Graphique Internationale design legends Marian Bantjes, Michael Bierut, Minchaya Chayosumrit, Yung-Chen Nieh, Alejandro Paul, Taku Satoh, Eddie Opara, Nancy Skolos are creating visual designs for the web together with high school students in Paintsville, Kentucky and digital designers at Automattic in an all-remote collaboration that spans the world. The one-of-kind visual designs crafted by the AGI designers will center around themes that include Home, Art, Photo, Science, Code, Poetry, Water, and Music to be presented on the dedicated websites,,,,,,, as permanent symbols on the Internet of digital creativity.

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