French Bulldog.
A new Sudtipos font.

We are proud to present a new collaborative project between Caro Marando and Ale Paul.


Day after day we are running from here to there, living in a society that does not allow us to slow down for a minute. Having so many things on our minds, we often unnecessarily complicate our problems, and our stress is so great that we forget what happiness is.
French Bulldog was made to celebrate the unnoticed precious little moments. A hot coffee in the morning, the sea breeze on your face, the sweet smell of a flower, a nap with your dog, a meeting with friends, the tenderness of a maternal caress, traveling, walking, crying, sharing, feeling, being onesself.

French Bulldog creates spontaneity from chaos with different shapes working randomly to form finesse or coarseness, just like a casual hand works a brush and tries to follow the rules with unpredictable results. It is versatile and fresh, friendly and relaxed. Flow in the moment.


Merci beaucoup.

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During a short period of time "French Bulldog" will be available with a discount at:

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