A bridge between calligraphy and typography.

We, at Sudtipos, are very proud to present "Looking Flowers" a new collaborative set of fonts between Lunol, a new talent south american letterer and calligrapher artist and the type design expertise of Ale Paul.

About the "Looking Flowers" typeface.

Lu Nolasco, also known as Lunol, is a fresh representative of a new generation of Souther American lettering artists. She was born in Lima, Peru. After learning from some of the region’s best teachers and exploring the pointed nib on her own, she became a prolific lettering workshop instructor herself.

Miraflores is one of Lima’s main tourist attractions. An upscale district with a great window on the Pacific ocean, it is the place where Lu looks for inspiration. It particularly inspired this “Looking flowers” (Miranda las flores), Lunol’s first typeface, designed in collaboration with Ale Paul. It is a comprehensive informal script that comes with many alternates, swashes and ligatures, along with small cap and quite a few ornaments. 

The fonts cover an expansive range of Latin languages, and are intended for use in stationery, menus, packaging, and general design where the main objective is to relay a sense of fun, playfulness and sensibility.

Please enjoy our gallery with wonderful illustrations by Diana Okuma.

We really want to see you using Looking Flowers.
Please enjoy a complimentary introductory price with a 50% off for a limited time.

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Also available at MyFonts.

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