After the last week release of Henderson Slab, I am very proud to introduce a new family of fonts  called Henderson Sans.

Designed by Ale Paul, published by Sudtipos and presented with the wonderful graphic collaboration of the argentinian H3L creative agency.

Henderson Sans is available to download here.

About Henderson Sans

The first thought that crosses a type designer’s mind upon seeing a slab serif is: I wonder what it would look if it was serifless. And so, after building Henderson Slab, I followed my instincts and gave it a sans serif companion.

Henderson Sans comes in seven weights plus italics, each of which casting an eye on the crafty lettering origins of what is now the ubiquitous mode of corporate communication. This sans serif is a glyph-for-glyph match for
Henderson Slab, inheriting pretty much all of its features and quirks, like the wealth or alternates and swashed variants — simple, endearing or otherwise.

Henderson Slab

Character Sets sample. 
Henderson Sans is presented in 7 weights and italics. It comes in full and basic versions. Full versions include swashes, alternates and latin language coverage.

We will be offering a 50% Off to celebrate this new font release. Get it here!

Free Weight!
Give a try to Henderson Sans Basic Weight!


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